Q. How is Extreme Screenwriting's e-Blast service different from other e-Blast services, won't the email just be ignored and deleted by production companies?
A. The Video Query E-Blast only goes out to producers who've subscribed to receive it. Unlike other services, we do NOT send queries unsolicited! We are also the only service that includes a video teaser to hype the project and we allow our clients to keep the video to use for future marketing.

Q. Is the video teaser a trailer? 
A. No. It's a sell the story, don't tell the story, ad-style teaser to build hype so a producer will request the screenplay. Think of it as a mini-ad.

Q. How long is a video teaser?
A. Approximately 20 seconds to 1 minute, varies by project.

Q. Do I receive a copy of the video teaser? 
A. Yes. Within two weeks after the e-blast, an .mpv4 (or .mov) copy will be sent to the client. 

Q. Do you keep a copy of my video teaser?
 A. No. Once the video teaser has been emailed to the client, the video teaser is deleted from our files. Please save to a secure location, like a cloud, to assure you have an accessible copy. 

Q. Do I own the rights to the video teaser?
A. Yes. The client may use the video teaser for YouTube, Facebook, website or email marketing. 

Q. Can I send my own stock photos and/or stock video footage to use in the video teaser?
A. Yes, but stock photos must be in RGB color with 300 DPI resolution and stock video footage must be 1080HD DPI and no longer than 10 seconds in duration. Please send when submitting the questionnaire. 

Q. Can I select my own stock photos, stock footage or music from Extreme Screenwriting' library? 
A. No. Our library is not accessible to the general public or clients. We select the best images, footage ,text and music based on the Questionnaire submitted by the client. 

Q. What if I don't like something on the video teaser preview?
A. Client can submit one round of editing changes after receiving the preview video teaser.

Q. How long after I approve the video teaser will it go out to producers? 
A. We only send two (2) queries per day to producers. They're sent out on a first come, first service basis - based on when you approve the video query/teaser.

Q. How many read requests will I receive?
A. Various per project from 0 to 50 or more. We recommend the writer strive to sell the story rather than trying to tell it. Think of the query as an ad for your movie.

Q. Does Extreme Screenwriting do Video Query e-Blasts for TV pilots, MOW, Limited Series or books?
A. Yes. The service includes screenplays, TV pilots, MOW & Limited Series. 

Q. Do I receive a list of producer emails that received the e-blast?
A. Many of the producers on Extreme Screenwriting's list are clients and we do not share their information. However, we will send you a copy of companies that receive the e-blast, upon request. Send an email to extremescreenwriting@mail.com with 'Video Query E-Blast Company List' in the header. The list is only sent to those we've verified have purchased the service and will be sent on the day of the blast.

Q. What if I don't like my video teaser or the query results, is the service refundable?
A. No. We can't guarantee results and a video teaser is a valuable asset a client can use for future marketing beyond the service.

Q. Does my screenplay have to be completed to use the service?
A. Yes. Marketing a project before it's done is a fools game in this industry. When producers request the screenplay from the e-blast, they want it NOW, not weeks later when you're done with it. 

Q. Does my screenplay have to be a recommended or contest placing screenplay to use the service?
A. No, but we highly recommend a writer makes sure their material is MARKET READY before using this (or any) e-Blast service. You only get one shot at a producer and they do keep records! 

Q. What if I don't know how to write a sellable query? 
A. Query Writing is available for an additional fee ($49). It includes reading the screenplay and preparing a query for the e-blast.

Q. Can I edit a query written by the service?
A. The writer will have one opportunity to make changes to the query before it's sent out. 

Q. How long will the introductory rate of $225 remain in effect?
A. Extreme Screenwriting plans to end the introduction rate at the end of the first quarter 2019 (approximately March 15, 2019). However, we will continue to offer the Buy 2 at $199 rate indefinitely. Other specials may apply. Check the website periodically for updates. 

Q. What do I do if a producer requests my screenplay?
A. Extreme Screenwriting has asked all producers who've subscribed to receive the Video Query e-Blast to please include SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS when requesting a script. We advise the writer to follow the producer's submission requirements!

Q. Does Extreme Screenwriting follow-up with producers who've requested a screenplay?
A. No, we are not an agent or manager. 

Q. How can I use the Video Teaser as a marketing tool after the e-Blast? 
A. Please see TIPS on the VIDEO QUERY E-BLAST page.