Extreme Screenwriting's Television Writing Book is now available on Amazon!


The book was written by Barb Doyon as a comparative study between film and TV writing to help film writers make the transition from a visual medium to a talking heads medium. Whether the writer has written screenplays or is a beginner in television writing, this book is a must for learning the current market criteria for TV writing.

The book covers writing for existingTV shows, TV pilots, MOW, Limited Series, Holiday Movies and alternative markets like Reality-TV and Ghostwriting. The author interviewed over two dozen showrunners and has included 51 Insider Tips to help writers navigate the world of television writing, marketing and pitching
I'm strongly recommending Barb Doyon's new book, TELEVISION WRITING, which just came out on Amazon. You can grab the Kindle and start reading asap. Very practical. How TV writing differs from feature writing (in granular ways I hadn't considered). What it feels like to work as a writer in TV and life choices and tradeoffs required, how to format (in explicit detail). Invaluable. 

                                                                                                         Virginia Loungren​, PhD