​Aspiring screenwriters dream of landing an agent or manager to handle their screenplay marketing (or TV pilots). Unfortunately, agents and managers only consider new clients from direct referrals. Everyone else gets the 'We Do Not Accept Unsolicited Material' notification. 

Going the Producer route is the second way to try to break in. So, the writer sends out hundreds of e-queries with little response or the standard 'We Do Not Accept Unsolicited Material'. 

Contests and Pitch Festivals get attention for the script, but often it doesn't build the HYPE needed to make a screenplay a hot commodity. 

Along comes a BOOK AUTHOR or a YOUTUBE STAR, neither have written a screenplay, and they land a motion picture or TV deal! WTH?! 

The Producer didn't cut the deal with the Book Author or Youtube Star because they love their book or video. Okay, they do love it, but the deal was a result of the book or video having a BUILT-IN AUDIENCE. In other words, the book and video comes with a fan base. This fan base answers the producer's #1 question: DOES THIS PROJECT HAVE AN AUDIENCE?
For years, book authors and YouTube Stars have landed deals using a BUILT-IN AUDIENCE, while aspiring screenwriters continue to market screenplays the same as they have for 20+ years. It's time to get out of the Dark Ages of Screenplay Marketing.
​In a nutshell, Extreme Screenwriting creates a Video Teaser for your screenplay, then use YouTube's massive platform to build an audience for the Teaser. Once the Teaser has a verifiable fan base, we write a pitch query for the screenplay and provide Producers' contact information. All you have to do is copy/paste the pitch and email to the contacts! The Teaser is NOT for the producer. The teaser is a tool to build an audience, which creates HYPE that attracts the Producer. 

No Worries! We Won't Give Away Story Surprises!
It's a Teaser, not a Movie Trailer!

Here's a sample teaser titled BLOOD FOREST:
This approach is based on Extreme Screenwriting best-selling e-book MAGNETIC SCREENPLAY MARKETING - see BOOK CORNER tab to purchase. Clients are welcome to take the DIY approach by purchasing the e-book for an instant download. However, while clients have had outstanding success via this route, others struggle with understanding the tech requirements behind building an audience or they simply want to spend their valuable time writing not marketing!

Our clients have gained representation, optioned screenplays, landed TV deals and over a dozen movies are in production or on the market, including studio-level deals with Netflix, Warner Bros and Universal Studios TV. Here's what a few of our recent clients had to say about the marketing service: 

First, we gather your screenplay's information and create a VIDEO TEASER. This is NOT a movie trailer. It's a teaser to build an audience and generate HYPE for the project that will make the project attractive to Producers.

The Video Teaser is 30 Seconds to 1-Minute in Length. Service includes a Thumbnail (cover photo for the video). Created from our 200 million + stock video footage and music library. 

Includes with a Professional Voice Over Actor Narration (Male or Female)

Writer will have one proofing/editing of the Video Teaser.

Writer maintains RIGHTS to the completed Video Teaser after the Marketing Campaign is completed. A copy of the Video Teaser is emailed to the client. 

​Next, we upload the Video Teaser to Extreme Screenwriting's YouTube Channel and Build An Audience for the Teaser. 

Low-to-Medium Budget Screenplays
Recommend 3,000 - 5,000 viewing audience
Build Time: 2-3 months
Time to Build Varies Based on Audience Interest

High Budget Screenplays
Recommend 5,000- 10,000 viewing audience (to attract studio-level producers)
Build Time: 3-6 months
Time to Build Varies Based on Audience Interest

We handle YouTube's algorithm, keywords, SEO, rankings, etc., on a daily basis.

Note: We have had clients with 1-3 week build times. It varies! Average is 3 months.
Once the fan base is intact where a Producer can verify it (via YouTube), we create a 1-page Pitch Query. This isn't a typical solicitation. The focus will be on the HYPE for the screenplay's teaser. Remember, this is a new way to market! Yes, the query will contain the basics, but the HYPE will be what gets the Producer to request the read via email, text or a phone call! Yes, we're going to HYPE this by saying if you want to be the first to read it -- CALL. 

When is the last time a Producer called you! Welcome to the future of screenplay marketing! Congratulations! You're getting in on the ground floor before the market becomes saturated. 

With the Video Teaser, a Built-in-Audience and Pitch Query done for you, it's time to hit the market. Most writers have no idea where to send their queries. No problem. We'll provide a list TARGETED to Producers in your screenplay's genre! AND we'll give advice on little-known ways to solicit Hollywood. 

All the writer has to do is cut/paste the Pitch Query into your email and send out via the Contact Info List. We do all the hard work so you can concentrate on WRITING!

The cost for a Video Teaser alone could range into the thousands ($3,000+ Value). Plus, the writer receives a 1-page Pitch Query ($199 Value), Built-In Audience ($1,000+ Value) and Producers Contact List ($50 Value).                    TOTAL VALUE = $4,249. 

We know times are tough and even asking for half this amount would make the service inaccessible for most writers. We decided the best approach was a SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE $99 billed monthly. It can take between 2-6 months to create the Video Teaser and Build An Audience and results will vary. 

The writer can CANCEL AT ANYTIME by sending an email to [email protected] and request a SUBSCRIPTION CANCELLATION. Sorry, we DO NOT REFUND for pre-paid months once the Video Teaser starts. Building an audience is a daily, time-consuming task requiring pre-paying voice over actors, etc. 

We can't guarantee a sale and results will vary. However, we guarantee an audience or we'll refund the entire amount back to you if we can't build an audience for your screenplay!


Once a screenplay campaign is completed, the writer will receive an email offering three options: 

                1) Continue subscription with a new screenplay (or TV pilot). ONLY 1 SUBSCRIPTION and ONE
                     SCRIPT AT A TIME.

                 2) Some writers might want a BIGGER AUDIENCE. If so, just continue the subscription and request
                     a larger audience. Why do this? Writers who sent out a first round of queries can send a second
                     round of queries updating Producers on the screenplay's increased audience. Several clients have
                     have gone from PASS to SALE using this approach. 

                 3) Cancel the Subscription. We'll miss working on your project(s) and thank you for subscribing. Please
                      keep us updated on your successes because your success is our success! 

To assures each screenplay receives our full attention, we're limiting the number of subscriptions accepted. If this page indicates SORRY, SUBSCRIPTIONS CLOSED - PLEASE TRY AGAIN NEXT MONTH, then return in a month to see if a spot has opened. You're also welcome to contact Extreme Screenwriting to be put on a waiting list!

DON'T WAIT! SUBSCRIBE TODAY and we'll get started on your marketing campaign. Welcome to a new approach that will revolutionize the way you market your screenplay(s). 

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