GHOSTWRITING is a term often associated with novels, but ghostwriters are commonly used in the entertainment industry by producers to fix screenplays & television projects stuck in development or to allow an established screenwriter to retain a sole, feature film credit. A-list screenwriters also use ghostwriters to beef up specific areas of their work to assure it's ace before proceeding to market. However, aspiring screenwriters tend to overlook the value of a hired script doctor and often spend years trying to fix a single project rather than a few months to bring it up to industry standards to give the material a fighting chance in the competitive Hollywood spec marketplace. 

If a writer's spent 5 years or more writing and marketing one or more projects without success, it's time to consider a ghostwriter. What are the advantages of hiring a ghostwriter? 1) Fast turnaround resulting in a market-ready screenplay or television project 2) The cost is substantially less than a writing partner because you don't have to split the sale price and you retain 100% of royalties 3) The writer can use the final, ghostwritten script as a how-to 'template' for future material 4) The writer has a future go-to person to beef up projects and meet the demands of producers on a long-term basis (many of our clients have used the service for years for multiple TV/Film projects) 5) Using Extreme Screenwriting's ghostwriting service gives the writer access to our industry contacts, via a newsletter promotion and a Free Video Query         E-Blast. 

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NOVELISTS with a book or unpublished manuscript that you believe would make a great movie are welcome at Extreme Screenwriting. Barb Doyon, the owner/founder of Extreme Screenwriting has adapted 43 novels to screenplays and she will be the exclusive ghostwriter that will give extra care to translating your vision into a motion picture.