Eight out of ten screenplays submitted to Extreme Screenwriting would receive a PASS from Hollywood producers based on one thing; Format!

It's a crucial part of determining the writer's voice and helps rank the writer a pro! Proper format shows the writer understands how to write for the visual medium. Pro writers know how to use format to create subtext, suspense, mystery, sadness, fast or slow pacing, etc. 

Extreme Screenwriting has never met  a pro screenwriter who hasn't mastered formatting! It's what sets them apart from the amateurs. With this said, Extreme Screenwriting realizes it can take time to learn this aspect of screenwriting and how to effectively apply it to the writer's work.

One of the best ways to truly see how format can make a writer's material shine is to see the work properly formatted from page 1 to page 120! 

This isn't a rewrite service! Extreme Screenwriting will take a client's poorly formatted screenplay, teleplay or pilot and properly format it to current industry standards. This is a standard service, which is received by client in 10-15 business days. 
FORMAT FIXES  - $99 (Lowered Rate)
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