In a world where values seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate, it's more important than ever to preserve our family values, and what better way than by leaving a family legacy in the form of a motion picture. There are traditional ways to leave a legacy; inheritance, scrapbooks, photo albums, diaries, and even via a book, but none have the lasting and wide audience exposure of a motion picture that will live on generation after generation. 

While it's true that no one can guarantee a motion picture sale, one thing has proven consistent in Hollywood; producers are attracted to stories based on real life. They gravitate to these types of stories because it's a guaranteed audience draw, which makes a family legacy more likely to be picked up as a speculative screenplay than fictitious spec scripts on the market. In addition, family legacy stories have a wide audience stretching from movies made for the big screen, to movies made for TV, straight to DVD, cable, and streaming releases. 

There's never been a better time to turn a family legacy into a screenplay for motion picture!

What is a screenplay? A screenplay is a written story format specific to motion picture and requires the skill of a seasoned ghostwriter who specializes in motion picture and/or television writing. Barb Doyon is the owner/founder of Extreme Screenwriting, a produced screenwriter, award winning documentary writer, TV writer and has adapted 44 novels for motion picture. She worked at Walt Disney Studios as a Story Analyst before opening Extreme Screenwriting, a Los Angeles based screenplay and TV pilot coverage service. 

By hiring Barb as a ghostwriter, you retain all rights to the screenplay, all sale monies and potential, future royalties, while having your legacy handled by a season pro. Instead of sharing in sale price and royalties, Extreme Screenwriting charges a flat rate of $5K, a mere fraction of the potential revenue involved in a motion picture sale and we help you promote the screenplay to our industry contacts and instruct you on how to market to Hollywood producers. 

We also offer payment plans for all budgets: 1) 10% savings for total $4.5K when paid in full up front 2) Pay $3K down payment and the balance upon completion 3) Defer payment by using a major credit card (accepted via our Premiere Business Account w/ Paypal).

If you're interested in hiring Barb, please fill out the contact form below to arrange a brief call to discuss your family legacy to determine if it's suitable for motion picture. Please include in the contact form your name, contact phone and best days/times to call. Extreme Screenwriting is located in Los Angeles, California and we're open M-F, 9 to 5p.m. (PST), but a weekend call can be arranged.