Q. Will Extreme Screenwriting ever offer studio-style coverage to writers?

A. No. Extreme Screenwriting's reviews are developed based on specific requests from producers. Studio-style coverage provides vague references. For example, it might indicate the plot fails to deliver. While this information is helpful to a producer in determining if he'll purchase the script, it doesnt' help the writer fix the script. Our reviews specify by page # exactly where the plot fails to deliver and how to fix it. For more information on Extreme Screenwriting's reviews, see Script Services page.

Q. What happens when you're producing or directing a film? Does Extreme Screenwriting close for busines?

A. Extreme Screenwriting will post its monthly closure, if any due to production, in the monthly newsletter and the email will send out an automatic response with dates service is anticipated to resume. 

Q. Why is Extreme Screenwriting's prices so low compared to other script services?

A. Because Extreme Screenwriting makes its money primarily from production company coverages and film/tv productions. We don't give away freebies (except the monthly newsletter) because we want writers to place value on their trade, but being the only service to handle coverage for production companies allows us to keep costs low to writers and assures we're up to date on industry selling trends.

Q. Will Extreme Screenwriting be increasing costs in the future?

A. No. While other companies have raised rates to compensate for a slow economy, we've maintained the same prices and even offer a monthly special to help writers save even more.

Q. Does Extreme Screenwriting provide industry referrals? 

A. Extreme Screenwriting promotes recommended screenplays and TV pilots to its 42 production companies, agents/managers, indie producers, actors and directors that subscribe to the monthly newsletter. Also, if we run across a producer seeking a script similar to one we've recommended, then we send the producer's information to the writer.  

Q. How many of Extreme Screenwriting's clients have gained representation, optioned a script or have any ever had a film made?

A.  An average of 35-50 clients a year gain agent or manager representation via Extreme Screenwriting. Most recently client and former Extreme Screenwriting Contest Winner Aaron Sook optioned his TV pilot "Arizona Ice" to Warner Bros. Client Don Fiebiger's film "Border Run" opened in Nov 2012. Client Shannon Masters "Empire of Dirt" opens in theaters soon. Client Mark Garbett has had three films produced; "Reflections", "Midnight Movie" & "The Seamstress". Client Steve Allrich has also had three films produced: "The Canyon", "Bad Karma" & "The Timber".  Client successes are updated monthly in the Extreme Screenwriting Newsletter - see home page to subscribe.