(In No Particular Order)

Gloria Ann Smith - A Loser's Guide to Love
Steve Weissman - Vicki in Viewland
Steve Weissman - For Life
Steve Weissman - Kalama Awakening
James Pickering - Chasing the Devil
Nicholas Horwood - Prince Gurk
Marina Albert - Joseph
Jeremy Rigby - The Spying
Arnie Zelkovitz - Five Sisters
Jeannette Cormier - Ill Conceived
Jean Hunter - Lady Jazz
Patrick Parr - The Unknowns
Jeff Malphurs - Revengeance
James Feliciano - Freedom in Chains
Edgardo M. Jimenez - Project Phoenix: The Awakening
Ron Chepesiuk - Crazy Charlie
Jonathan LaPoma - Harm for the Holidays
Carey Mark Watkins - Heart to Hart
Diana Smith - Tony and Lady Bug
Diana Smith - The Pupil's Lash
Dee Chilton - Darkenship
Carey Mark Watkins - A Life Less Lived
Carey Mark Watkins - Snow Joes
Carey Mark Watkins - The Navigator
Yair Packer - Shooting Stars
Marina Albert - Jezebel
Jean Hunter - Slade
Jamie McMillan - Ankh, Daughter of the Sun God
Justin Kagan - Serial Brothers
Ron Podell - Blood Trigger 
Steve Bensinger - Steppin' Out!
Jay Stamatis - Roy G. Biv
Robert Rhyne - Passing Through
Adam Pachter - The Memory War
Lucy Luna - Sophie and Valentina
Jo Andrews - You, Again!
Marina Albert - The Harvest
Marina Albert - Maid In America
Marina Albert - Z.A.D.
Jesse Castaneda Jr. - Shadows
James Papa - Moment of Light; A Gift and a Curse
James Papa - Uncorked
Louis Dezseran - Anaerobics
Alvin Easter - The Morphing of Eddie Lubeck
Dan O'Brien - Rube
Robert Rhyne - Intruder House
Kevin Holmes - Blank Pages
Jen Reuben - Don't Open It
Barbara Blomquist - Desert Tsunami
Barbara Blomquist - That Man's Maid
Barbara Blomquist - Waystation
Ben Lamy - The Right Kind of Trouble
Bill Johnston - Family Remains
Bill Johnston - Requited
Nick Abdo - Hard Candy Christmas
Nicholas Horwood - The Denmark
Martin Bernard Foley - Operation Stormy Weather
Martin Bernard Foley - Death at a Distance
Marjory Kaptanoglu - Hot Match
Scott Boswell - All American Boy
Greg Andersen - Drama Queen
David Siaki - Archipelago
Steve Weissman - Barred Engagement
Vandon Gibbs - In Blood
Vandon Gibbs - The Pick-Up Guy
Dee Chilton - Undercurrent
Paul Penley - Male Delivery
Glenn Acosta - Glimpse
William Sikorski & William Sikorski Jr. - Alice in OzZu
Jay Stamatis - Life Credit
Chris Bonneau - Infinity
Howard Casner - The Last Tree Standing Motel
Gloria Smith - Forbidden Desire
Gloria Smith - Out Loud